Fooster, FIFA Pro thermal bonded


• Material used are as under.
• PU Cover.
• Air mattress.
• Caracas.

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 This ball is made by forwarding sports who are the manufacturer of Telstar and Brazuca and one the largest soccer ball supplier in the world.
It has successfully being used by many clubs accross the world and highly recommended by coaches and players.
Gungahlin united football club, Canberra city football club are few of the examples where they used the ball for premier level competition and training.
This ball lasted more than two years with continued top performance while retaining shape.
 The ball is made with similar material and FIFA Pro standards.
• Material used are as under.
• PU Cover.
• Air mattress.
• Caracas.
Its made on the thermal bonded technology. In Thermal Bonded ball panels are glued together with each other and the bladder is attached to the cover shell.
 The advantages are as under.
• Lower water uptake.
• Thermally bonded seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory.
• Super Soft touch.
• FIFA Quality Pro Weight Size and Circumference.
• Excellent Air Retention.
• Better Shape Retention.
Endorsed by many clubs in Canberra and Australia especially by GUFC head coach Marcial Munoz.
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